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Eric is now heard across America and around the world on the Christian Satellite Network and selected local stations. Click here for all the details.

What others are saying...

"I believe Eric is one of the premier Christian Apologists traveling the country today."

- Rev. Bob Fort, Chairman, United Evangelical Churches

"We have invited Eric to speak 17 times since 1987. I highly recommend his ministry."

- Pastor Milton Hubbard

"Eric's articulate presentation of carefully researched information is solidly based in Scripture and life-changing in its impact."

- Pastor Jim Keys

"Over the years we have had Eric at our church many times. We have always found his ministry to be balanced and to the point. He has helped our church stay focused and walk in the will of God."

- Pastor Sam Buckingham

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Proof and the Power of the Resurrection!

Proof and the Power of the Resurrection!

Taken from Eric’s three part series, this faith-building message debunks the agnostic theories about the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ and examines biblical evidence, prophetic fulfillment, statistical probability and historical accounts which lead to just one conclusion – Jesus was, as He said He was – Messiah!!!

Live Seminar Presentation

DVD: $16.00


Spiritual Warfare: Defeating Darkness Seven Ways

Spiritual Warfare: Defeating Darkness Seven Ways

Learn the crux of Spiritual Warfare! This message has helped thousands implement practical tools for daily victory! Learn what the Scriptures teach about the authority of the Believer, the blood of Christ, the power of praise and more.

"Practical"..."Relevant"..."Scriptural"..."Positive"... are all terms pastors nationwide have used in describing this important teaching. Adapted from Eric's book Disarming the Powers of Darkness.

DVD: $16.00 • CD: $7.00


The Best of Eric Barger CD Album (Volume 1)

The Best of Eric Barger CD Album (Volume 1)

This set contains ten of Eric's most popular seminar CD's packaged in a premium binder.


  • The Errors of the Emergent Church
  • The Most Dangerous Cult
  • How I Came 'From Rock to Rock (Eric's Testimony)
  • The Truth About Islam
  • The Death of Discernment: How The Shack Became the #1 Bestseller in Christianity
  • New Age Truth or Old Age Deception
  • The Rise, Fall and Redemption of America
  • Universalism: Is Everyone Already Saved?
  • The End-Time Occult Invasion
  • Discernment or Deception: Which Will You Choose?

Live Seminar Presentations

10 CD Set: $50.00


The MOST Dangerous Cult

The MOST Dangerous Cult

New Age? Mormonism? Jehovah's Witnesses? Islam? Atheism? After 20+ years of research Eric Barger says the MOST Dangerous Cult is none of these.

In this DVD Eric Barger carefully documents the rise of the Cult of Liberalism within the walls of the Christian Church.

This message will shake those lost in deceptive "Churchianity" with the uncompromising truth that not all who claim to be Christians and not every church that professes to be a "house of worship" are preaching the authentic gospel that transforms man and leads to everlasting life!

View video Clip

DVD: $16.00 • CD: $7.00


The REAL Jesus vs. The Counterfeits?

The REAL Jesus vs. The Counterfeits?

Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Science, The New Age Movement - they ALL have a "Jesus." No matter how sincere they may be, those following a "different Jesus" are without a Savior and heading for eternal disaster. This timely message holds important apologetic insight to help you identify the imposters and most importantly, it will help you defend the historic view of the authentic Biblical Jesus.

Recorded "live" at the Lamb and Lion Ministries "Defending the Faith" Conference in Allen (DFW), Texas, June, 2010.

*Updates and replaces Eric's older message "Will The Real Jesus Please Stand Up?"

View video Clip

DVD: $16.00 • CD: $7.00


The Rise, Fall and REDEMPTION of America

The Rise, Fall and REDEMPTION of America

Find out what America was founded on (including many quotes from the Founders and various Supreme Court decisions). In this important message, Eric sites four key detrimental events that have led to our current situation and above all, he outlines what we can do to effect change. Patriotic, challenging and scriptural, this is over one hour of teaching that will especially transform young lives! (Previously titled "Whatever Happened to America?")

View video clip

DVD: $16.00 • CD: $7.00


Truth About Islam

The Truth About Islam

Today, there is a growing and increasingly widespread movement inside mainline and Evangelical churches which attempts to join Islam and Christianity. Based on the premise that both religions worship the same deity, "Chrislam" is gaining followers and becoming a favorite among the politically correct. But is the basis of this movement correct? Do the Bible and Qur'an harmonize? Is Allah actually Jehovah God? Why are those claiming to be Evangelicals involved with this misguided idea? Eric Barger answers these questions, debunks Chrislam's fallacies, and clearly points out the incompatibilities which forever separate authentic Christianity and Islam.

(*Recorded at Olive Tree Ministries “Understanding the Times” Conference, October, 2011.)

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DVD: $16.00 • CD: $7.00


Universalism: Is Everyone Already Saved?

Universalism: Is Everyone Already Saved?

Universalism has become the “politically correct” religion of choice of many in public life today. Through the misguided ministries of Carlton Pearson, Mike Williams and others, a form of Universalism known as “Universal Reconciliation” has made inroads into modern Christianity as well. In this DVD presentation, Eric Barger defines and illustrates Universalism and compares it to biblical Christianity.

Above all, this message clearly illustrates the biblical truths of salvation through Jesus Christ alone, the absolute need for a regenerating, “born again” experience and the fact that eternal and unending separation from God awaits all who reject salvation through Jesus sacrificial death.

View video Clip

DVD: $16.00 • CD: $7.00

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