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"I believe Eric is one of the premier Christian Apologists traveling the country today."

- Rev. Bob Fort, Chairman, United Evangelical Churches

"We have invited Eric to speak 17 times since 1987. I highly recommend his ministry."

- Pastor Milton Hubbard

"Eric's articulate presentation of carefully researched information is solidly based in Scripture and life-changing in its impact."

- Pastor Jim Keys

"Over the years we have had Eric at our church many times. We have always found his ministry to be balanced and to the point. He has helped our church stay focused and walk in the will of God."

- Pastor Sam Buckingham

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The Enemy Within

Jan Markell and Eric Barger quiz Brigitte Gabriel about the enemy within. Americans are not safe. What are the implications of 100,000 Syrian “refugees” coming to America? What role does the Muslim Brotherhood play? Gabriel states that America’s survival is now at stake and the 2016 election is key. Then Jan Markell closes citing the top Bible prophecy stories of 2015. We use the mobile app found at www.oneplace.com.

Podcast: The Enemy Within


The Making of Good Little Global Citizens

Jan Markell and Eric Barger spend the hour with David Fiorazo who exposes the real goal of the Common Core agenda: The making of good little global citizens. Students are being taught what to think, not how to think.  It is about government control, not education—about socialism and globalism. The standards will soon apply to private schools, Christian schools, and home schooling. Find Fiorazo’s book, The Cost of Our Silence: The Consequences of Christians Taking the Path of Least Resistance, here. Learn more about the Common Core agenda at www.fpeusa.org or at www.davidfiorazo.com. We use the mobile app found at www.oneplace.com.

Podcast: The Making of Good Little Global Citizens


When a Prophet is a False Prophet

Because Seventh-Day Adventism is in the news, our hosts consider that belief system and ask if it is a cult? Ellen G. White, their leader, is clearly a false prophet. Does that mean that we shouldn’t vote for Dr. Ben Carson—who is an honorable and righteous man? And what’s wrong with annihilationism or the false doctrine that hell is not eternal? This is a part of Seventh-Day Adventist theology. Jan Markell, Eric Barger, and cult expert Jill Martin Rische consider these issues. They also look further into the coming censorship of all Christians and conservatives. Yet Islam must be glorified and protected. We use the mobile app found at www.oneplace.com.

Podcast: When a Prophet is a False Prophet


The Unraveling: Distress with Perplexity of Nations

Jan Markell and Eric Barger first talk to Anne Graham Lotz about the unraveling and distress with perplexity among the nations as history winds down. Is God trying to get the world’s attention? Anne reminds us that God always warns before judgment. They also focus on the hope of Heaven in dark times. They discuss the wounding by God’s people of each other and how this can cause many to walk away from the Lord and the church. Then Jan Markell talks to filmmaker George Escobar who is producing a theater version of “Trapped in Hitler’s Hell.” Find that current documentary about Anita Dittman here. We use the mobile app at www.oneplace.com.

Podcast: The Unraveling: Distress with Perplexity of Nations


Preparing for What is To Come

Jan Markell first talks to Dr. Randy White who counters the popular evangelical opinion that we must take in all Syrian refugees. Then Jan, Eric Barger and Larry Kutzler discuss the coming censorship of all things Christians and conservative. Google recently censored this ministry for posting “inappropriate content” on some YouTubes. Jan and her co-hosts warn that this is a foreshadowing of things to come when we don’t follow the liberal, godless pattern of content, programming, etc. Prepare yourselves for what is to come. We use the mobile app found at www.oneplace.com.

Podcast: Preparing for What is To Come


The Paranormal Invasion

The paranormal is literally invading all aspects of our lives. While the entertainment world is the primary driver of it, it even has made inroads into the church. Hear stunning sound bites as well as the discussion by expert hosts including Eric Barger, Jill Martin Rische and Jan Markell. Find Eric’s book, Entertaining Spirits Unawares, in our bookstore. We use the mobile app found at www.oneplace.com.

Podcast: The Paranormal Invasion


Should We Prep for the Coming Days of Chaos?

Jan Markell and Eric Barger host Carl Gallups for the hour. They discuss the issue of “prepping” for the coming days of chaos. Is it Biblical? Is your church safe? As society turns more from God and towards evil, who will protect if we don’t? What do we do if the government gets out of control? Is it ever right to go against the government? Serious days of persecution are ahead. We need to prepare for them. Find Gallups’ book, Be Thou Prepared, at www.wnd.com. We use the mobile app found at www.oneplace.com.

Podcast: Should We Prep for the Coming Days of Chaos?


Imagine: When the World Will be as One

Jan Markell and Eric Barger host Gary Kah for the hour. Imagine the world as one. Barack Obama, Pope Francis, and the U.N. are doing all they can to implement this wicked agenda. Hear Kah’s update on the intensified rush to a one-world system just since late-September. And the issue being used to force this is so-called “climate-change.” Kah asks why a religion-hating media loves Pope Francis? A litany of godless people back the global agenda that will be rammed through one day. It will ultimately be ruled by the Antichrist. We use the mobile app found at www.oneplace.com.

Podcast: Imagine: When the World Will be as One


The King is Coming: Who Cares?

Jan Markell and Eric Barger talk eschatology with Dr. David Reagan for the hour. We carry his updated book, Living for Christ in the End Times: Coping with Anarchy and Apostasy. Find it here. How can we live for Christ victoriously in these last days? Hardly anyone cares that the King is coming and yet that is today’s only good news. We have society decaying and the church riddled with apostasy. In light of this, how shall we then live?

Podcast: The King is Coming: Who Cares?


Many Shall Come in My Name

Jan Markell and Eric Barger host former New Ager Warren Smith for the hour. This movement is now called the “new spirituality” and you would be surprised how even evangelical leaders fit into it. The chief proponent of it is Oprah Winfrey who is now utilizing Rob Bell to further this Satanic agenda. Why would Rick Warren tap into three men with involvement in this “new spirituality” to be a part of a program at Saddleback Church? Hear from one who attended this outrageous seminar. We carry Smith’s excellent book, False Christ Coming: What New Age Leaders Really Have in Store for America, the Church, and the World. Find it here. We use the mobile app found at www.oneplace.com.

Podcast: Many Shall Come in My Name