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Eric is now heard across America and around the world on the Christian Satellite Network and selected local stations. Click here for all the details.

What others are saying...

"I believe Eric is one of the premier Christian Apologists traveling the country today."

- Rev. Bob Fort, Chairman, United Evangelical Churches

"We have invited Eric to speak 17 times since 1987. I highly recommend his ministry."

- Pastor Milton Hubbard

"Eric's articulate presentation of carefully researched information is solidly based in Scripture and life-changing in its impact."

- Pastor Jim Keys

"Over the years we have had Eric at our church many times. We have always found his ministry to be balanced and to the point. He has helped our church stay focused and walk in the will of God."

- Pastor Sam Buckingham

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End-Time Occult Invasion:

End-Time Occult Invasion:
Harry Potter, Pokémon and Hollywood

Taken from Eric's book Entertaining Spirits Unaware. Complete with a helpful "what to do" list in dealing with occult influences in our homes, this seminar message includes nearly 100 slides and presents 85 minutes of facts, documentation and explanation concerning the occult in our culture.

Packed with Scripture and understanding to help you confront and expose the works of darkness in our time! This will be a video you watch again and again and use to help minister to others.

DVD: $16.00 • CD: $7.00