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Islamic Domination and the NYC Ground Zero Mosque  

ground zero  firemen ground zero scene

Throughout the years we have shared information with pastors, ministers, and laypeople to help them fulfill God's call on their lives and individual ministries.One of those we've fed information and resources to in the pastis evangelist, Mario Murillo.

Though we had never met in person, Mario and I had been in touch occasionally over the past few years conversing about our mutual chagrinconcerning the popular yet apostate trend in evangelicalismcommonly known as the"feel good church."Some time ago Ialso had occasion to send Mario some research and PowerPoint slidesthat detailed the doctrines and practices of Islam to assist him in ministering in the highly concentrated Muslim area of Flint, Michigan, when he held a crusade there. Last week I finallyhad occasion to spend some time with Mario.

During our recent meeting we discussed current events and Bible prophecy and had a long discussion about Muslim Sharia Law. Afterward, Mario wrote me concerning something we had briefly discussed. He said, "I have a question for you...what is the Muslim tradition or law that you mentioned about building something over the site of a conquest, e.g., the World Trade Center?" This discussion was rooted in our mutual concern about the proposed building of a 13-story mosque near Ground Zero in New York City.

I replied with the following: The Muslim practice of actually building on conquered places is not necessarily a direct edict found in the Koran, nor was it taught by Muhammad; nevertheless, it can be seen in what they have done by building mosques in places where they have "destroyed the infidels." It is surely inspired by the Quran and is no doubt part of the Islamic mindset and tradition. A prime example of this is the Dome of the Rock Mosque, the third most holy site in Islam. It's on the Jewish Temple Mount in Jerusalem -- perhaps the most "in your face" move the Muslims could ever make against their nemesis, Israel!

Wherever Muslims conquered across Europe and Asia, time and again they built mosques specifically on places symbolic to the overthrow of the previous religion of the region. As in the cases of the conquests of Constantinople and Fez, they also killed every person--man, woman and child--in the process. Sometimes when they entered a region they claimed the entire area by completely "Muslim-izing" it. An example is that after the Fatimids had conquered Abbasid Egypt in 960, they built a new capital there in 973 called "al-Qahirah" (meaning "the planet of victory"). That is Cairo today!

Here is a quote from M. A. Khan, who is the author of Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery, concerning the use of minarets to symbolize conquering dominance: As concerns introduction of minarets, its beginning was, in fact, an act of borrowing the icon from Christian religious structures and using it to declare Islam's supremacy over Christianity, the arch-enemy of Islam. And there was no better place of doing it than in Palestine, the holiest land of Christianity and the birthplace of Jesus. Here, al-Walid I, in 712, constructed [the] first gorgeous mosque, the al-Aqsa mosque, fitted with a dome (of central Asian origin). The dome was constructed using remains of a destroyed church in Asia Minor. Thereafter, minarets began to be added on mosque-tops all over the world.

Hereon, wherever Muslims [have] gone, mosques, fitted with imposing domes and minarets, became the feature of all political centers of Islam, from India to Spain to Constantinople, declaring the supremacy of Islam and Muslims over non-Muslims. Indeed, building gorgeous mosques with minarets often became the first building initiative, which Islamic conquerors undertook in the newly conquered lands. For example, in India, the construction of the famed Quwat-al-Islam (Might of Islam) Mosque and the Qutb Minar (minaret) in Delhi were undertaken by Islamic conquerors in the 1190s, well before the founding of the permanent Muslim Sultanate in 1206.
(For more info on this click here)
minaretsminarets 2
In researching this week, I found an insightful video produced by Acts 17 Apologetics titled "Of Mosques and Men: Reflections on the Ground Zero Mosque."It is "must viewing" for several reasons, among which is to understand that, from Egypt to Damascus to Jerusalem's Temple Mount to New York City, Islam hashistorically always constructed religiously significant buildings (mosques and minarets) upon places it claims and conquers to symbolize the defeat of the infidels for their demonic deity, Allah. Nothing has changed and we are not immune.
The Islamic leaders of today are no different from those in the seventh century. They are going to aggressively and relentlessly push their Quran-inspired agenda of world domination and have made it clear that they are not going to rest until the entire world - including America - is in their hands. All we need to do is nothing and that will be the fate of our children, our grandchildren and our nation.
If the building of the huge mosque at New York's Ground Zero is to be thwarted,it will only be because Christians stand up and vigorously alert the public. The media isn't going to do it and our federal government has become more of a defender of Islam and an opponent of truth concerning our national identity than a protector of our Christian and American ideals and traditions.

The best part in this battle is knowing that the Lord God of the Bible is on our side and will anoint our words, protect our lives and prepare the way for us to speak up. Let's warn the ignorant among us of Islam's historical pattern, their demonic gospel and their announced goal. Moreover, let's point the way to true peace through the Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ!

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