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The Universal Mistake

Ministry Update - October 10, 2007

The Universal Mistake

“Though it is said that all religions could be wrong, they most certainly can’t all be right." - Original Source Unknown

Stop a moment and think about that. As time progresses and the line between truth and error continues to fade, Universalism and its evil cousin, "Inclusionism" is going to be touted more and more. In an age of intense political correctness, the inherent tolerance of Universalism - AKA that all paths lead to God - is indeed appealing. Oh, it sounds so good to the carnal mind doesn’t it? The intellectual who warms to universalism thinks he has risen above the fray of absolutes and those less willing to examine deeper either buy into it themselves or simply repeat the error thinking of themselves as forbearing to those of other religions.

Indeed, people think they are exercising the ultimate charity by their acceptance of all religions as equal. After all, to so many it sounds so kind and loving. I have even heard alleged Christians go out of their way to talk up other faiths in an effort to appear broadminded and non-confrontational. In reality however, it is our fear of rejection by others that allows cultic ideas such as universalism to go unchallenged. I have to believe that some Christians effectively wimp-out on declaring that Jesus is the one and only way due to doctrinal ignorance. Others have employed the “pick and choose” method, rejecting some Scriptures and doctrines that they don’t like while accepting others that suit them more. Still others who claim to be Christian simply wish to avoid confrontation at all cost. None of these reasons qualify as good excuses. Can one imagine Paul or Peter trying to find common ground or have dialog with cultic drivel in the early days of the Church?

Not only does any recognition of Universalism reinforce Satan’s chief goal in the hearts of men – that is that Jesus is really not the only way - but the idea that all paths or any path could lead to Heaven for eternity makes the God of the Bible out to be the worst of all gods. Why? If there was any other way for mankind to find redemption and forgiveness than through the sacrifice of God’s one and only Son then why would a loving God send His Son to die such an awful death on the Cross? Keep this thought in mind the next time someone tries to tell you that Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam or the rest are somehow eternally equal to what Jesus accomplished for all who would simply just believe in Him.

- Eric Barger

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